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History of Tuscan Farmhouses: Leopoldina Design

Named after Leopoldo, Grand Duke of Tuscany, the Leopoldina was designed to be a new type of farmhouse, originating in the late 1700s. It was intended to provide a better quality of life for farmworkers of the time. Leopoldo’s innovation was to bring the housing of the Chianine, the Ox stalls, within the walls of […]

Discovering San Niccolò: A Hidden Gem in Florence

San Niccolò, a hidden gem in the heart of Florence, offers a unique blend of history and vibrant daily life. This quaint neighborhood, named after its 13th-century church, maintains its medieval charm with ancient buildings, artisan shops, and art galleries that showcase Florence’s rich cultural heritage. Beyond its historical allure, the neighborhood buzzes with life, […]